Administrative Policies

(Revised April 15, 2008)

1.       General

a.       Recognition of a function sponsored or sanctioned by the Tulsa Ski Club (“Club”) requires that such events be:

i.      Open to all members

ii.      Within financial and operational control of the Club.

iii.      Approved by the Board of Directors prior to the function, or be included in the annual budget approved by the Board.

b.      The Club’s name and logo may be used only with prior approval of the Board of Directors.

c.       The selling or solicitation of items, raffle tickets, etc. at any Club function requires prior approval of the Board of Directors.

d.      The Club shall not publish political advertisements or publish anything which might be considered as an endorsement of a political candidate.

e.      Regarding the relevant issues for an IRS 501 (c) tax exempt entity, no more than 15% of gross receipts can be from non-members.

i.      It is the requisite chartered purpose of the Tulsa Ski Club to provide skiing opportunities and social and recreational activities, and to that end, our effort should afford the opportunity for personal contact, commingling, and fellowship among members and prospective new members and to provide, sustain, and promote those activities in a manner that is “distinguishable from doing business with the general public.”

ii.      It is evidence that we are not doing business with the general public by the fact that we require individuals to pay and join the club before going on sleeper bus or airplane trips. Any advertising or promotion on public or private media for the purpose of membership drives, renewals, or advertisement for a trip, including destination and prices, should accompany the mention that individuals must join Tulsa Ski Club first.

iii.      Functions and activities other than sleeper bus and airplane trips that are sanctioned by TSC board of directors are to be designated as social events and may include non-member/guests as an integral part of the activity for the purpose of club membership drives and/or renewals.

2.       Membership

a.       The amount of dues of the TSC of each category of membership shall be determined on an annual basis by April 1 to be effective May 1 of each year by the Board of Directors.

b.      The Board of Directors will establish guest fees for all membership meetings of the Club. Such fees will be established annually in May. Guest fees for applicable social functions will be established by the Board of Directors.

c.       Club membership dues may be refunded to a member only with approval of the Board of Directors.

3.       Board

a.       By May 15 of the current year, outgoing Board members will forward their intact records to their respective incoming counterparts.

b.      The First Vice President/Winter Trip Chair is to have the Winter Trips for the next Club year finalized and submitted to the Executive Board for approval by June 30.

c.       The Second Vice President /Summer Trip Chair is to have the Summer Trips for the next club year finalized and submitted to the Executive Board for approval by February 15, using the same accounting format as Winter Trips.

d.      No Club board member can receive compensation, direct or indirect, from the Club for exclusive contractual services to the Club. A board member shall not engage in any activity which constitutes a conflict of interest for the club.

4.       Treasury and Financial

a.       Funds of the club shall be deposited in the name of the Club in such banks, trust companies or other depositories as shall be recommended by the treasurer and approved by the board of directors.

b.      Club funds will be received, processed, and/or deposited in the club’s accounts only by those club members and the club’s certified public accounting firm as determined by the treasurer and authorized by the board of directors.

c.       Authorized signatures for the club’s funds may not write checks to themselves.

d.      The board of directors shall engage a certified public accounting firm for the overseeing of the club’s financial and membership records. The board shall also utilize said firm as warranted for the establishment, maintenance, and review of internal financial controls and standards.

e.      All returned checks shall be subject to a fee established by the board of directors.

f.        Any member who cancels a credit card charge or stops payment on a check will forfeit their current year membership in the club, shall be liable for any expenses, charges and nonrefundable processing fees incurred, and shall reimburse the club for such amounts prior to being re-admitted to membership.

g.       The equivalent value of complimentary club trips or similar benefits received by trip captains and other club members will be limited to an aggregate of $599.00 per calendar year. This does not pertain to reimbursement of expenses incurred during trips for the conducting of club business such as Flatlands.

5.       Flatland/Race

a.       The club will be a member of the Flatland Ski Association (FSA).

b.      Reciprocity with other recognized FSA clubs is sanctioned. Members of FSA clubs may participate in club trips, subject to membership verification.

c.       The club race committee will be responsible for the club’s Flatland race participation and all other club race programs to promote racing. The club race chair receives complimentary bus trip, lodging, and lift tickets for the annual Flatland ski week. The club race chair will be reimbursed for automobile transportation and lodging expenses (excluding meals) to the annual FSA race meeting.

d.      The club president will appoint, with board approval, a Tulsa Ski Club Flatland representative (Club FSA Representative) to serve a two (2) year term. This person is required to attend all FSA board meetings and will captain a second bus, if applicable, and assist the club race chair with the flatlands races on the mountain. This person is to report directly to the Board and will be replaced if he/she does not fulfill these duties.

e.      The club FSA representative’s bus transportation, lodging (excluding meals), plus lift tickets during Flatland ski week will be paid by the club. These expenses will be charged to the flatland expense account. The club will reimburse the club FSA representative for automobile transportation and lodging expenses (excluding meals) to other FSA meetings (see section 4.g).

f.        When the club fills the rotating positions of FSA race director or FSA activities (social) director, expenses for transportation, lodging (excluding meals) and lift tickets for Flatland ski week not compensated by FSA will be reimbursed by the club and charged to the Flatland expense account. The club will reimburse the FSA race or FSA activities directors for automobile transportation and lodging expenses (excluding meals) to other required FSA meetings.