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President's Report

President’s Report - March 2018

By the time you read this, the Taos trip will be leaving with a full bus and a waiting list.  It would be my recommendation to sign up at the picnic next year for Taos and the other trips because interest is hot for 2019 causing me to make some bold predictions:

  1. We will take 100 to Flatlands at Steamboat in 2019.  Torian Plum ski in/ski out.  Hot tub right next to the slopes.
  2. Late-comers and procrastinators will be crying because we ran out of room on the trip.  Save your money now people.  Have some priorities.
  3. We will bring home the trophy.  You can be a winner through association.  It is the American way.
  4. Kansas City and Oklahoma City will be sad we whooped them again.
  5. The Snowshoe Team will run away from the competition.
  6. Taos will sell out at the picnic like the old days.  Will you be left behind?
  7. Snow will come early and deep.

So what to do between now and next year’s ski season:

  1. Exercise and stay in shape. 
  2. Be active.  Getting older doesn’t mean you have to get bigger. 
  3. Get a bicycle.  Join a bike team or just show up for group rides.  It is a great way to make friends and stay in shape.
  4. Come to Tulsa Ski Club Meetings and Skiers Night Out.  We will have games, chili cook-offs, 50/50 drawings, prizes, and of course, great people.
  5. Sign up for the Tulsa Ski Club’s MS 150 team and start training for the ride.  When you work towards a goal, it feels less like exercise.
  6. Come to the Lake Party.
  7. Join the Illinois River Float Trip.
  8. Join the Chama River Float Trip.

Until next time, don’t be a couch potato, give someone a smile every chance you get, and be a blessing to others.

See you at the Chili Cook-off.


Michael Messimore

President, 2017-2018

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Calendar of Events


  • General Meeting: March 13th, 7 - 9 PM at Akdar Shriner's Center (2808 S Sheridan Rd) We'll be having a CHILI COOK OFF. That's right folks. Chili. Cook. Off. Trust me... you'll want to clear your schedule for this meeting. Bring your own batch of chili or just come and taste test! Rumor has it some heavyweights are bringing their A-game... we're looking at you Fullerton! 
  • Skiers Night Out (SNO): March 22nd, Blue Rose Cafe on lower deck with live music from 5:30 onward. Specials TBA.


  • General Meeting: April 10th, 7 - 9 PM at Akdar Shriner's Center (2808 S Sheridan Rd) 
  • Skier's Night Out (SNO): TBA

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Winter Trips 2017 - 2018

Banff, Canada March 29 - April 2, 2018

$1190 per person double occupancy | $1540 single occupancy

The Canadian Rockies are a sight to be seen. Hit the slopes hard during the day and enjoy some of the best early spring skiing around.  Your lift tickets get you access to 3 mountains Banff, Lake Louise and Mt. Norquay.  Then hit the town at night and party with the locals! We promise they’re friendly.

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FSA Medalists

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Flatlands Ski Association competition. Whether you medaled once, twice or three times, finished one run successfully, or bravely tackled the novice race we want you to know that YOU contributed in a huge way. When we all work together amazing things happen. This year was another tight race. If you haven't been to FSA before we highly recommend joining us next year. We'll be returning to the Torian Plum at Steamboat Springs! Below are the Tulsa Ski Club FSA medal winners: 


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Angel Fire

Angel Fire Trip Report 16-20 February 2018

We had a great time skiing Angel Fire with the best group of travelers. Thanks Michael for a well organized trip. We are already looking forward to next year! -- Mark Grant

Angel Fire was a great trip and everyone followed the four rules:  Don’t get hurt, don’t hurt others, don’t break anything, and have fun.  Angel Fire did a remarkable job with the little snow they have had and the snow they have made.  You can’t control the weather but you can make the best of what you have.

Since it was President’s Weekend, we had a large contingency of families.

Piper took videos of Solomon racing Nastar for the first time.  He will be going for gold at Flatlands next year.  Joah mastered turns and it is hard to believe he has never had a lesson.   


Garry and Linda Cook brought along their son Bill, daughter-in-law Ruth, and grandsons Blake and Jake.  Expert skiers they shall be with such awesome grandparents. 

Justin and Jennifer Moydell experienced their first ski trip with kids Jenn and Jaxon but best of all, they brought Grandma.  Judy, if you get to read this, you were a delight to have along. 

For the second straight year I got to go on a trip with Stelios, Martina, and Nikki Stamatoyannakis.  I hope this tradition continues because they are awesome. 

Mark and Teresa Grant also played the awesome grandparent role and brought grandsons Kaden and Ryken.  Ryken made lots of friends on the trip and even caused a stir when he skied off with some of them and lost contact with Grandpa. 

Jennifer and Hadlee Mount had a great Mother/Daughter weekend.

Ursula and multi-lingual daughter Sophia skied the snow off the mountain, tried sloppy joe for the first time, and brightened everyone’s trip.

Kim Smith had this to say about the trip:  Dewayne (Ken) and I had a great time on this trip.  It was our 22nd anniversary on the 17th so that’s why we picked this trip.  It was the first time we’ve been on a sleeper bus.  We sat with Jennifer Mount and her daughter Hadlee and next to Stelios, Martina and Nikki.  They are all great.  We shared a condo with Matt Moss.  When we arrived Saturday, Dewayne and I ate breakfast first instead of getting our ski equipment.  Everyone got their ski equipment first and then ate breakfast after so we didn’t get to ski with anyone else in the group on Saturday.  On Sunday, Matt went with Dewayne and I to eat breakfast and we skied with him all day.  It worked out good because Matt skis about as fast as Dewayne so they skied together and they waited on me at the lifts.  It worked out good.  Monday we had breakfast with Matt and Martina then we met up with Jennifer and Hadlee and we all did the first run down together.  Matt, Dewayne and I did a few more runs together then called it a day and went and had lunch at the Sunset Grill.  It was a great trip.  We plan on going on the Flatlanders trip next year.  I think our sons are really going to try to go with us next year.

Terry Frishkorn and daughter Kasey set land speed records on the Nastar course and skied like pros.

Marshall McAdams made a great video! Catch it here. Below you'll find a selection of photos from the trip. 

It was a great trip with great people.  See you all next year.


Michael Messimore

Trip Captain


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