Tulsa Ski Club Website and Lift Line Newsletter

For some time the board has been working toward distributing the Lift Line electronically via email blast, with all issues posted on the website. The plan is that for next year, starting in May 2012, we will continue providing an electronic Lift Line to everyone, but offer printed copies of the newsletter only via subscription at additional cost – hopefully that will be a small number of people.

To ensure that everyone can get all Lift Lines and all other email blasts – even if they have problems receiving the email blasts by email – the Tulsa Ski Club website now contains All Lift Lines, email blasts, and all other notices integrated as a blog on the Front Page of the website (www.tulsaskiclub.com). Very soon, all blog posts will automatically post to our Facebook page as well.

What this means to you is that All our email blasts and All our Lift Lines are now also available on the website so no one will miss any. Highlights will be on our Website home page and All email blasts in complete form will be on the blog page where members can also post comments (www.tulsaskiclub.com/wp).   We will continue to send out the popular electronic version of the Lift Line in Color, as well as all email blasts, just like we’ve done in the past.  If you want to print out your own Lift Line or other document, the website version is a PDF file and can always be printed.

We are now ready to stop bulk printing/mailing the newsletter – except for the few who pay an additional subscription fee to cover the costs of printing/mailing.   This will allow us to continue to provide all communication and publications we have provided before in a way that allows us to Not drastically increase annual membership dues.  We will let you know very soon what the subscription fee will be for printed copies, as we renew memberships for the upcoming year.

Also, be watching for your new Members Only Section to the TSC Website as soon as it is ready.

Thanks for your patience as we plan for our future and the success of our Tulsa Ski Club.

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